Pressure reducing valve(Level access)

Pressure reducing valve(Level access)
adjustable pressure reducing valve
pressure reducing valve
Sanitary Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure reducing valve(Level access)
Pressure reducing valve(Level access)

Pressure reducing valve(Level access)


◆The pressure reducing valve is a very easy operation of the pressure control valve which provides precise control and easy installation and maintenance.
◆The valve can control the valve after pressure without the need for a pneumatic or electric control element.Pressure relief valve is a two-seat diaphragm controlled springloaded  proportional control valve which is mainly used in food, beverage, brewery,pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Technical Specifications

SIZE:1 "-3", DN25-DN80   
Nominal pressure :PN2.5-10   
Inlet pressure:8bar   
Outlet pressure:0.3-5bar   
Kv Value:4-70m3/h   
Max. temperature:180℃   
media: steam, liquid, gas   
Connection mode : Clamps, welding, thread,Flange   

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