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After more than 20 years of development, Dongzheng Technology has become a pioneer in the field of high-cleaning pumps, valve controllers and high-cleaning valves in China, and has 146 intellectual property rights and more than 20 international authoritative certifications.We have our own independent thinking and vision, and always stay ahead in the development and application of  products in the new economic field. In the future, we will, as always, focus on the pursuit of technological innovation and technological innovation, and take the customer-oriented approach to new success.

Special announcement

For many years, as a leader in the pump and valve industry, Donjoy has been adhering to the tradition of excellent innovation and maintaining excellent quality. The products manufactured by Donjoy comply with a series of international standards and specifications such as ASMEBPE, EHEDG, FDA, 3A, etc., and have passed the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED-97 / 23 / EC) and (MD-06) implemented by the German TüV agency. / 42 / EC) certification, 3-A sanitary standard certification implemented by the US 3A agency, EU ATEX explosion-proof certification, China Safety Valve Special Manufacturing Equipment (TS) license and China Quality Certification Center GB / T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification and many other international authority certifications.
Unfortunately, in recent years, some unscrupulous businessmen have used products that are highly similar to the shape and packaging of Donjoy products, or used trademarks that are close to "DONJOY" in shape and color, which have caused misunderstanding to consumers. Therefore, in order to ensure consumer rights, please carefully identify the correct Donjoy trademark and purchase through formal channels. We will also continue to monitor and take legal action against similar illegal business for their infringement act.

Trademark infringement

Recently, after feedback and reports from sales channels, it has been discovered that there were some behavior in the market that uses the brand or trademark of Donjoy for marketing and promotion without authorization or permission of our company. The statement is as follows:
Without the permission of our company, unauthorized use of "DONJOY" brand registration company of Donjoy Technology Co., Ltd., and illegal use the trademark of the eastern orthodox for marketing promotion, then our company will pursue the legal responsibility of the company concerned according to the trademark law of the People's Republic of China, the anti-unfair competition law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations, and require the relevant company to compensate for all the losses of our company. If some companies' violations have been suspected of violating the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, our company will report the case to the public security organ and the public security organ will deal with it according to law! In order to maintain a fair and just market environment and protect our legitimate rights and interests, we hereby declare! !!

Online infringement

Since 2015, Our company Donjoy Technology Co., Ltd. as for the products produced and sold by merchants through platforms such as alibaba and madeinchina, which infringe our company's patent shall claim damages through judicial channels in accordance with the provisions of articles 11 and 60 of the patent law. our company shall seek compensation for the losses through  judicial channels, and shall stop, order to correct,  and fine the infringing etc. to the intellectual property department or relevant legal administrative departments.. If it constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility will also be investigated in accordance with Article 216 of the Criminal Law. If the product pictures used by the merchant on the platform are in the form of image theft, our company will handle the complaint through the platform. In order to maintain an open, fair and just market environment, when you encounter the above-mentioned infringements against our company, you can also directly report to our company and thank you!
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