Filling Valve

Multi functional high frequency canned diaphragm valve

Multi functional high frequency canned diaphragm valve has a dual-station cylinder and a flow-adjustable filling valve.
For fast filling and to prevent spillage or spillage of the bottle.
The flow rate is maximum when 1 cylinder is working;
When the cylinder is working, the flow rate is the smallest, and the flow rate adjustment device can also be used to adjust the flow rate when the flow 2# cylinder is working.
●SIZE: 1/4 "-3/4", DN6-DN15
●Standard BPE 3A DIN ISO IDF
● Certification PED/97/23/EC, 3A/54-04/1580, FDA.177.2600
●Maximum temperature: -30 to 150 ° C (depending on the sealing material) (stainless steel actuator)
●Maximum temperature: -30 to 130 ° C (depending on the sealing material) (plastic actuator)
● Maximum pressure: one direction (DELTA P=100%)
Normally closed rubber 8bar, PTFE 6bar (optional)
Normally closed rubber 6bar, PTFE 4.5bar (standard)
Normally open and double acting rubber 8bar, PTFE 6bar
● Replacement of different actuators can meet higher pressure levels
●Forged valve body: 1.4404/316L/1.4435 BN2
● Casting valve body: 1.4404/316L
● Connection method: welding, clamp, flange, thread
●Operation mode: manual and pneumatic

Canned Diaphragm Valve

Technical advantages
It is mainly used for filling materials with particles, involving complete isolation of internal and external barriers, sterility, no dead ends, no retention, minimal damage to t

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