Valve positioner IL TOP-1831

Valve positioner IL TOP-1831
Valve positioner
electronic valve positioner
electric valve positioner
pneumatic valve positioner
Intelligent valve positioner

Valve positioner IL TOP-1831


● Intelligent valve positioner which is mainly used in the fluid process control system, achieves valve flow adjustment control.
● The controller can be fitted to a variety of pneumatic valves, for example, diaphragm valve, divert seat valve, angle seat valve, butterfly valve, ball valve and other valves.
● Application covers fields such as bio-pharmaceuticals,water treatment, food processing, beer and beverage, fine chemicals and other fluid control.


● 0/4 ... 20mA to 0 ... 5 / 10V signal input (standard)
● 0/4 ... 20mA to 0 ... 5 / 10V position feedback output (option)
● Mod bus (RS485)control (option)
● Device NET bus control (option)
● Single-acting / double acting (option)
● Linear actuator / rotary actuator (option)
● Power: DC.24V
● Air pressure: 5.0-7.0Bar
● Protect class: IP68

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Valves Positioner The valve positioner is divided into: linear stroke IL-TOP-1831 / 1832; rotary stroke IL-TOP-1441 / 1891; English 4.66MB)
Self-Control Valves It includes various structure adjustment valves such as angle seat valves, globe valves, single seat valves, V-type ball valves, butterfly valves, etc. English 9.6MB)