Pneumatic Tank bottom valve

Pneumatic Tank bottom valve
Pneumatic Tank bottom valve
Pneumatic Tank bottom valve
Pneumatic Tank bottom valve

Pneumatic Tank bottom valve


●Pneumatic Tank bottom valve is a pneumatically operated single seat valve which is assembled at the bottom of tank,used in diary,food processing, beverage,pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.
●Tank bottom valve is used to vent the container material and the material will not be stuck in the valve chamber, the design of the seat open to the inside of the container. It avoids the overvoltage because the pipe leads to the possibility of accidental opening of the valve. The tank bottom valve has 45 ° and 90 °  two designs, pneumatic and manual interchangeable.

 Technical specifications

●Size:DN25/1" to DN100/4"
●Temperature :130℃
●Air supply:4-7bar
●Material:ASTM 304/1.4301,316L/1.4404

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