Rotor pump with Hopper

Rotor pump with Hopper
Hopper Rotor pump
Rotor pump with Hopper

Rotor pump with Hopper


Rotor pump with Hopper.

There are two type flange hoppers: Square flange hopper and circular flange hopper.

Lobe pump with flange hopper can effectively solve transportation of difficult moving liquid.

Technical specifications

◆ Maximum flow: 90m3 / H
◆ Maximum pressure: 15bar
◆ Maximum temperature: 150 ℃
◆ Maximum speed: 750 rpm
◆ Material: ASTM 316L, 1.4404
◆ Inside surface: Ra0.8μm
◆ Certificate: 3-A-02-11NO.1579; CE-MD / 06-42; FDA.177.2600
◆ Inlet/outlet: 1) Horizontal TUL; 2) Vertical TUR
◆ Butterfly rotor (standard), Tri-clover rotor, Two leaf rotor, Single leaf rotor
◆ Mechanical seal: Single mechanical seal (standard) double mechanical seal (option) Material SIC / SIC, TC / TC
◆ Suitable for CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization

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Rotor pump with Hopper
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Rotor Pump Including MINI STU, TU, STU series, pressure 20bar, flow 90m3, flow 100L / h ... English 9.21MB)
High Clean Pump High cleanness includes rotor pump, twin screw pump, centrifugal pump, self-priming pump, homogeneous pump, homogeneous mixing pump, flexible impeller pump, mixer, etc. English 7.83MB)
Twin Screw Pump With strong self-priming ability, conveying solid particles, pressure 20bar, speed 3000RPM, flow 100m3 / h; English 6.14MB)
Flexible Impeller Pump It is a pump with flexible impeller, which has strong self-priming ability, no damage to particle transportation, and can be transported in forward and reverse directions ... English 4.66MB)