Regulating Globe valve

Regulating Globe valve
Regulating Globe valve
Regulating Globe valve
Regulating Globe valve
Regulating Globe valve

Regulating Globe valve


Regulating Globe valve is mainly used in the flow control valve. The valves only has stainless steel and PTFE in contact with media with maximum temperature up to 180 ℃, pressure up to 20bar,  can be used in a vacuum environment. Body is designed according to no dead angle with the surface roughness up to Ra0.4μm. Valve seal adopts embedded design which is widely used in all industries, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, brewing, chemical and other industries . This valve is particularly suitable for steam flow regulating control systems.

Technical Specifications

● Pneumatic regulating valve controlled by positioner to achieve flow control (PD) may also adopt self position and flow adjustment (PID) by intelligent process controller.
● Size: 1/2 "-6", DN15-DN150
● Material: 304 / 1.4301,316L / 1.4404
● Maximum temperature: -30 to 180 ℃
● Maximum pressure: vacuum to 10bar
● 0/4 ... 20mA to 0 ... 5 / 10V (basic type)
● 0/4 ... 20mA position feedback output (option)
● Device NET bus control (option)
● Single action / double action (option)
● Connection: clamp, thread, weld, flange, DIN SMS RJT ISO
● Certificate: 3-A-68-00, FDA 177.1550, PED / 97/23 / EC

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Regulating Globe valve
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