Proportional control valve

Proportional control valve
Proportional control valve
Proportional control valve
proportional solenoid valve

Proportional control valve


Manual pneumatic integrated, membrane pneumatic proportional control valve, which can be applied to various flow control and adjustment systems, and can be applied in various industrial fields such as chemical, sewage treatment, dairy, food, beverage production, pharmaceutical and fine. Industrial fields such as chemical industry. The most important applications are pressure control, flow control, liquid level, temperature control, etc. The pneumatic regulating valve is a conical valve core. The valve for controlling the flow rate is controlled by the positioner. The valve positioner can also be connected with an external transmitter to realize self-adjustment and control flow, temperature, liquid level and pressure through PID calculation.

working principle

Control input: 0/4-20mA/0-5V/10V
Feedback output : 0/4-20mA/0-5V/10V
Power supply : DC24V ± 10%
Bus communication: MODE BUS RS485
Accuracy: Repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 0.2%;
Menu: OLED display Chinese & English
Setting: One-button auto-tuning function
Operating mode: manual / automatic
Fault: gas cut, power off, automatic valve position reset (standard) valve position hold function (optional)
Stroke angle: 0-180°
◆The valve position is not consuming when it is kept
◆Power supply: DC24V ±10%
●Scope of application: straight stroke and angular travel 30°-180°
●Aluminum alloy casing
●Explosion-proof grade ExdIIBT4 (optional)
●IP68 protection level

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