Mixproof tank bottom valve

Mixproof tank bottom valve
Mixproof tank bottom valve
Mixproof tank bottom valve
Mixproof tank bottom valve

Mixproof tank bottom valve

Working principles

Mixproof tank bottom valve, the concept of this double seat valve is characterized by excellent flexibility and easy operation. The typical design let you feel the most perfect body assembled and equipment in all mixproof tank bottom valve.This kind valve is automatic operated through compressed air. The mixing proof valve is constructed with two independent valve core seal .When valve is closed ,the two seal will interlinks to atmosphere .If the liquid is leaking,it will be let out by leakage chamber. At the same time you will see valve have problem or not and some information of destroyed seal , prevent leakage and failure caused by the two media mixing. When the valve is open, the leakage chamber is closed.

Design Features

●Size: DN40-1.1/2"to DN150-6"
●The valve is equipped with a normally closed pneumatic actuator
●Forged ball of the valve body
●If there is a gush of fluid leaks from bottom of valve tube, you can determine whether the seal is damaged
●Easy to remove( just removing the clamps is enough)
●Welded connection (mm or inch)
●Balance Protection Design
●Max.Operating Pressure:10bar
●Min.Operating Pressure:Absolute vacuum
●Working temperature:-10℃ - 130℃(140℃ For short periods or disinfection)

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