DONJOY History

In 2002

Successfully developed biopharmaceutical diaphragm valves, thereby paying more attention to product applications in the biopharmaceutical field

In 2001

Successfully developed vertical stainless steel pneumatic actuator. The development of this actuator made it possible for highly clean self-controlling valves.

In 2000

The introduction of Japan's Mazak CNC four-axis machining center. Due to the introduction of advanced equipment, we have laid a solid technical condition for subsequent product development and manufacturing.

In 1999

Introduced Mazak CNC lathe from Japan, so our valves have reached the international advanced level.

In 1994

Successfully developed the first butterfly valve. This butterfly valve is the starting point of Donjoy ...

In 1993

Dongjoy?Company was founded in 1993 with the initial name "Wenzhou Shacheng Food Butterfly Valve Factory", and then registered the brand "DONJOY" (Dongjoy). The name was changed to: Wenzhou Dongjoy Valve Co., Ltd.