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Three-way globe valve structure principle

Three-way globe valve structure principle

The body material of the three-way globe valve is divided into cast steel or stainless steel, which is suitable for occasions under various working conditions; the sealing gasket is made of high-temperature resistant PTFE, which is corrosion-resistant and ensures no internal and external leakage. It includes a valve body, a valve cover, a valve disc and a valve stem of the linked valve disc. The valve cover is provided with a valve stem movable space vertically arranged with the connecting channel on the valve body. The valve disc includes a connecting end and a sealing end. It extends into the active space on the valve cover and is connected with the valve stem. The sealing end is located in the connecting channel and is arranged toward the sealing seat. The sealing assembly is located between the connecting end and the sealing end of the valve disc.

three-way globe valve

Three-way globe valve features

1. It has strong sterilization and detoxification functions to prevent product contamination.
2. The gasket is made of high temperature resistant PTFE composite material.
3. The sealing gasket, the middle sealing ring of the valve body, and the valve stem packing are all made of high-quality PTFE materials. Long life, corrosion resistance, ensure no internal and external leakage.
4. The streamlined flow channel makes the pressure loss small.
5. The gasket can be replaced, the disassembly is more convenient, and the maintenance cost is low.
6. Reasonable design, no dead angle, can effectively reduce the bacterial infection rate in pharmaceutical production, and provide a reliable guarantee for aseptic production of antibiotics;
7. The structure is precise and the sealing performance is good, which eliminates running, running, dripping and leaking, saves energy consumption, and provides favorable conditions for the civilized production of the workshop;
8. The material is reliable, the production is fine, and it is durable. The sealing is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, which has strong corrosion resistance. It only needs to replace the gasket during overhaul, which is easy to disassemble and maintain, reducing costs and improving economic benefits;
9. Wide range of use, not only to replace the three-way diaphragm valve of the inoculation station, but also to be widely used in process pipelines such as the crystallization tank in the raw material drug workshop, with good results.


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