Round cleaning ball

Round cleaning ball
Round cleaning ball
Round cleaning ball

Round cleaning ball


◆Rotary cleaning ball series products are mainly used to spray strongly and clean inside of tank in food-processing, beverage, beer, pharmaceutical industries.
◆Rotary cleaning ball:Spherical is oval and round,the injector jet is flat groove type

Technical specifications

Cleaning Radius:Maximum 4 m(4bar)
Cleaning angle:180°;360°
Sphere options: 1) round ball; 2) oval ball
Size:28mm / 75mm
Connections:female thread/male thread(1/2"-2"BSP/BSPT),clamp(1"-2"),Bolt(1"-2"),weld(1“-2")

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Cleaning Single Seat Valve The cleaning single seat valve is a cleaning ball with no retention and no dead angle. English 3.6MB)